Monday, November 10, 2008

The end of what I thought was a good thing.

It looks like the Stateline F.A.S.T. is coming to an end. There has been no activity in this group for well over 6 months despite my effort. I wish everyone the best of everything. Please contact me if I can help with your allergy needs in any way.
Take Heart,
Bev Pomering

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Frost is near but do not fear.

Hello Everyone. I hope all is well with everyone out there.
An update on my JayJay. Well it's been six months since Jason was tested negative for the majority of his allergens. We've reintroduced most of the foods and PRAISE GOD! NO REACTIONS! He hasn't even been bothered by his seasonal allergies. We're still avoiding shellfish. Which is easy since he's never had it and doesn't care to try it.
Still no news on future meetings but that doesn't mean we can't support each other via the blogspot or email. Some of the largest support groups meet solely online. The Kids With Food Allergies: Food Allergy Support & Food Allergy Recipes website notes that more than 12,000 parents have joined Kids With Food Allergies, a nationwide nonprofit organization offering online food allergy support groups for families raising children with food allergies. Their website is listed on our LINKS list. Check it out!
Some other helpful links I found while on FAAN's website were

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America is asking people with food allergies and their caretakers to take an online survey.
The purpose of the survey is to find out how people use the labels on foods that list ingredients and the warnings that a product may be contaminated by a known allergen. AAFA wants to become better informed about the impact of these labels.
Currently, federal law requires food manufacturers to include any of eight major allergens in the ingredients list on the label if the allergens are present in a food product. Advisory labels, saying that a product may contain an allergen, are not required, although many manufacturers use them. However, the wording of these advisories varies.
If you would like to participate in this short, online survey, please click the link below and make sure to complete the survey before October 31, 2008!
Thank you for completing the survey and providing AAFA with this important information!

The IFAEA website notes the IFAEA President will speak at 6 school health days around Illinois this fall from Rockford to Mt. Vernon. Tell your school nurse to attend one near you.

The Kids With Food Allergies website has a holiday booklet for you to read. The link is listed below,

Celebrate Halloween safely with food allergic children
HalloweenFirst Halloween dealing with food allergies? Download KFA's Celebrating Halloween with Food Allergies booklet Adobe Reader: Eight pages filled with activities to replace trick-or-treating, allergy-friendly craft recipes, safe Halloween games, school party ideas, and Halloween treat recipes.

Well I wish everyone a safe & Happy Halloween. Please contact me if there is anything I can do to help you in any way. I have lots of resources and a love to help those in need.

Take Heart,
Bev Pomering